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Author Newsletter (Promotions)
Now that you have access to our recommended authors' hub at IndieMuse, don't forget these free promotional opportunities.
We will be posting weekly top horror charts beginning 3/31/21. Reminder to make sure you have submitted review copies directly to IndieMuse (not a reviewer) to be considered. This way, not only will it be queued for assignment to one of our staff reviewers, our curation staff will also review it for further promotions. We will be keeping an active top horror charts (for novels, short reads, collections and singles/short stories) the remainder of the year (updated weekly). We hope to follow this up later this year with crime and humor. These charts will lead to our official announcement of our Year's Best Lists.
As part of our ongoing efforts to showcase and promote the best independently published works each year, we will be launching IndieMuse Limited with Larry Roberts (Bram Stoker Award Winning Publisher of Bloodletting Press and now Miskatonic Books' proprietor). Simply put: we'll be producing a limited 52-copy hardcover collector's run of select titles that have been certified recommended by IndieMuse curators and reviewers.  
This is not a publishing contract, but a partnership with self-published authors to produce a hand-bound special edition hardcover of their book to commemorate their recommendation. Authors selected will receive a $500 advance (full-sized book—novel or collection) or a $250 advance (novella or short read) on signing the production agreement for their first book. If the first book sells out 52 copies, signing bonuses will be added to future books that may be selected. IndieMuse and its staff will handle the heavy lifting / production, selling and shipping of the book, so our authors can do what they do best: WRITE!
IndieMuse Offers A Truly Independent Way To Produce and Sell Your Books Through Its IndieMuse Limited Program
As more buyers are seeking alternatives to buying books through corporations such as Amazon, IndieMuse will be creating a new independent bookshop to sell these special editions. 
Authors interested in this can submit a pitch to be considered for an IndieMuse limited production. Please only submit a pitch if your book was a certified recommended read. The criteria for this can be found here. IndieMuse takes no publishing rights from authors, only a signed permission to produce and sell 52 special copies. Books will be bound by the same bindery that handled Delirium Books, Necro Publications and Thunderstorm Books' hardcover productions.
The author hub you have been granted access to allows you to surpass our slush pile review process and submit directly the following: 1) Advance Review Copies, 2) Interview Requests, 3) Cover Reveals, and much more. It's all accessible by logging in to the IndieMuse author hub / forums
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