Recommended Horror Reads #6

The next installment of stellar new horror releases have been reviewed by our curators. These books made the cut!

Some authors included in this list:


New Reviews

The Hobgoblin of Little Minds

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” This famous quotation from philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, was speaking out against conformity, and encouraging people to form their own ideas and opinions. In Mark Matthews new novel, The Hobgoblin of Little Minds, the quote is used often in the context of bipolar disorder and mental […]


True Crime

My copy of True Crime has a blurb by horror mainstay Brian Keene on the cover. He describes the book as “A debut with the power of a nuclear bomb” and one that ranks alongside Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door and J.F. Gonzalez’s Survivor. It is both a bold statement and a potent warning […]


Devil’s Creek

Give me that old-time religion! As a horror fan, you are probably used to seeing a flood of books compared to Stephen King, or writers declared as ‘the next Stephen King’. It is often a lazy comparison and usually an undeserved one. It was an absolute pleasure to find that Todd Keisling’s new book, Devil’s […]


Progeny is the thirty-ninth book published by prolific British horror writer Shaun Hutson.  Although released as a stand-alone novel, Progeny is a sequel to Spawn (1983), and, as such, the publishers commissioned the same artist, Mark Taylor, to design its cover which unmistakably links the two works. Progeny opens very strongly with the prologue setting […]

3 Tall Tales

What do you get when you mix an evil cupboard, a sentient tail, and a horny giant? 3 Tall Tales by Patrick Kill. A collection of three fables for the seriously deranged. In 3 Tall Tales we get;  ‘The Magic Cupboard’, the story of a young boy and his cupboard which brings anything he puts […]



Day of the Triffids meets Downton Abbey. I have had Joseph D’Lacey’s novel Garbage Man on my ‘to be read’ for a long time and just never got round to it. So, having intended to try the authors work for a while, I jumped at the chance to get an Advance Reading Copy of his […]


The Moving House

Jurassic Park… with ghosts! A short story prequel to Duncan Ralston’s 2019 novel Ghostland, this brief tale works in both expanding the world of the novel, and improving on some of the weaker aspects of its lengthier predecessor. Ghostland had a simple, but ingenious premise. A theme-park whose attractions aren’t rides, but ghosts. Real ghosts. […]


Slaves To Gravity

‘They Live’ meets ‘Chronicle’ Horror newcomers Wesley Southard and Somer Canon’s first collaboration is a welcome addition to their growing body of work. A weird tale of monsters who live among us, Slaves to Gravity is a unique take on the classic genre themes of the outsider, or the unseen enemy within. The story opens […]


Depraved 4

Jessica Sloan’s Last Stand! It is fair to assume that anybody reading this will have at least a passing familiarity with Bryan Smith’s Depraved series, given we are reviewing the fourth book in the series. The original is one of Smith’s best loved works and, over ten years later with the newly published ‘Depraved 4’ […]


The Other Side Anthology

What happens after death is one of the great mysteries plaguing the minds of human beings. Some think that beyond the grave there is just nothing, that death is the end of everything Religious people consider death just a passage towards another, eternal life (of suffering in hell or of bliss in heaven) awaiting all […]


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Publisher News

Down & Out Release the Second Book in Nigel Bird’s The Rat Pack Series

Down & Out Books have just released Nigel Bird’s My Funny Valentine, the second book in The Rat Pack Series. Available in both paperback and Kindle editions. Also, check out the first book in the series…

Author News

Dixon Reuel’s RISE OF ONE Set For Release

Something new is on the way from Dixon Reuel. IndieMuse had recommended her prequel Finding Home in Horror Recommended Reads #1. Just 2 more weeks until my book baby releases into the world! When I came up with the Blood Brute series & began its first book, Rise of One, I never thought that almost […]


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